Sat 18th Sep from 4pm
Underground JACK
Spinning records might just run in the blood for the Sydney-based house DJ and event producer. Nycks has been honing his skills for 20 years.

Kerri Chandler. Grant Nelson. Derrick Carter. The sounds of pioneers from New York, London and Chicago's 90s house scenes with a personal spin on it
– that's Nycks' mission.

Sticking with core concepts is how he's sustained an international career since 1998. He's done residencies in France, Greece, New Caledonia, and Australia. And in 2016 he launched a promotion company dubbed Underground Jack – throwing parties that hark back to the golden years of house, the 90s.

Nycks and Underground Jack have been regularly hosting events in Sydney. It's not candy-coated or squishy house – but deep funky chunk. It's the analog echoes from old-school house scenes laced with current tracks from Marc Cotterell, Scott Garcia, Mike Millrain, and more.

In 2017, Nycks started his own monthly House 'n' Garage Show on D3ep Radio Network (Grant Nelson's online radio).

- From Deep to Garage to Jackin House and Back Again.