Keith Harmer
Keith Harmer
United Kingdom
Every Monday from 8:00pm
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Keith first started listening to House music back in 1991 when he would listen to his older brothers mix tapes which he brought back from raves. At the weekend He would also listen in to pirate radio stations and was soon hooked to the rhythms of House ! It wasn’t until 1993 when he was 17 that he attended his first club and it was a life changing experience. Not long after he got his first full time job and on his first payday brought a mixer, then following month brought some decks, every Saturday he would head out to his local record stores picking up the latest promos and search out tunes from some of his favourite labels and producers. He would spend the rest of the day spinning tunes and continuously practicing on the decks and then head out clubbing with friends in the evening. It was on the club scene he met many other friends with the same passion and they would hang out at after parties spinning tunes together. In 1995 he met Jackie after a cheesy chat-up line on the dance floor and they got married 3 years later. Jackie was a huge influence on Keith introducing him to more Soulful, Jazzy House beats and she also had a huge passion for music and had her own decks set-up at home. Keith continued to play at parties and buy tunes up until 1999 when their first son was born. Music then had to take a back seat and over the years he sold his vinyl collection and decks. Then in 2011 he was invited by an old friend to a charity house event and stepped back on the dance floor, Victor Simonelli was on the decks and the passion was reignited. He went out again to a few more clubs and soon after brought a whole new DJ set-up and started mixing again. He also started handing out mix CD’s and got his first break playing at Mi Casa Es Su Casa parties in the Nomad Club London in Feb 2013. Since then he has played again for Mi Casa as well as Harmony Parties, Smitten, Deep Into Soul, Funkalicious, House That Patrick Built, Interlaced, Mas Profundo and more in venues such as The Qube Project, Nomad Club, Metal Works, P.O.W, Cantina Bar, Project B, Charthouse Bar, Thames Boat Parties and many more. Keith’s sets are always influenced by his US Soulful House roots with a mixture of long forgotten classics as well as the latest upfront Soulful & deep House cuts!