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Broke the Filthometer
11th Dec 2023
Colin Ws 50 Shades of Soulful House
What made you want to DJ?
I was fortunate to be a 70s, 80s child. I grew up at the dawn of so much great UK dance music street culture underpinned by the ability to dance (as that was the way to get and keep the girls happy). We started with Jazz, Disco, Jazz Funk, Boogie, a bit of Hip Hop, Electro, House, UK Garage and more House. I lived in North London and the Royalty in Southgate was the centre of the street dance music world (with DJ Froggy, Paul Anderson and George Power playing) and all we did was dance, went to dance music weekenders, rollerskated and partied. It was definitely the late DJ Froggy with his huge home made Matamp system at the Royalty beat mixing disco and boogie (records that drift) on 1200s that that’s what made me want to be DJ. Then at about 18 I blagged a spot at a club called Eltons in Tottenham and its opposite club the Mayfair across the road playing “upfront” dance music of the day (with some party rubbish when people got too drunk – haha)

What was the first track you bought specifically to DJ with?
Shalamar – Take that to the Bank on 12inch circa 1978 or 1979 (probably cost a fortnights pocket money)

Everybody wants to be a DJ these days. What ignites your passion to continue, despite the competitiveness within club culture?
I have stopped many times when I fell out of love with the music or was dismayed by the politics. But in recent years the sheer quality of the Soulful House sound has forced me to solider on though as the music is so good more people need to hear it.

If you could go back in time and be involved in the club scene of any era, when would this be and why?
The era I grew up in maybe kicking off from 1980 through to the mid 90s.. It was all about dancing, music, clubs, dance music weekenders (the early Caister’s), and girls.

Who would be your dream guest on your show?
I am fortunate I know a lot of DJs as I have worked on the Southport Weekender virtually from the start. I can’t comment or someone is bound to moan (haha). Musically it would have to be “the” best music band of ALL time “Earth Wind and Fire”.

If you could go B2B with any DJ on the planet, who would it be and where?
That I am not sure as I am just way too messy when I play. Going back to back with me will have some poor person tripping over music boxes, CDs not in their cases, etc. I’m a nightmare (but tidier now I use Serato). Grant would be fun as he “actually” enjoys being there – he often looks like he is enjoying it more than the audience even when he is smashing the place down.

What was the last tune that was stuck in your head before this interview?
DTrain – Music. I wrote about it on Facebook the day before. Wonderful track from a band that confused the hell out of all of us at the time (were they pop or not?)

If you could have made any of the the records you have played which one would it be and why?
Unlimited Touch – I hear music in the Streets on Prelude – circa 1981. Maybe the most perfect Disco composition ever (about 9 mins long but every bar, section, arrangement is just perfect)

What’s your musical guilty pleasure? – Don’t be shy ?
I still think Abba are musical geniuses. Nothing more to say.

If you could only listen to the same 5 records for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Unlimited Touch – I hear music in the streets
Bill Withers – Lovely day
Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People
Todd Terry – Somethings Goin On
Earth Wind and Fire – In the Stone

Get up or Get Down?
Get Down “wid” “ma” “bad self”, haha.

Too Hot or Too Cold?
Too Hot

Piano or Bassline?
Both (must have bass to give you a groove, but without keys – you’re crazy !!!)

Yoda or Gandalf?
Yoda for true

Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook – lets me “shout it out – a lot !!!”