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What made you want to DJ?
As a kid, I grew up listening to Terrence Parker, Jeff Mills, etc on the radio and has always sparked an interest. The creativity while spinning never dies and the possibilities are endless.

What was the first track you bought specifically to DJ with?
Neneh Cherry – Buddy X. I still play it all day long lol!

Everybody wants to be a DJ these days. What ignites your passion to continue, despite the competitiveness within club culture?
My passion to continue with dj’ing is the energy it carries. Being a DJ is almost like being the band conductor. You have the power to direct and lead the masses to your vibe. The competitiveness side to it is, for me, to become a live DJ and travel around the world.

If you could go back in time and be involved in the club scene of any era, when would this be and why?
Definitely 1984 through 1992 here in Detroit. The house music scene was in full swing and wished I was older so I could have attended some of the parties back then. I still had fun listening to house music on the radio back then.

Who would be your dream guest on your show?
Monique Bingham or Jill Scott

If you could go B2B with any DJ on the planet, who would it be and where?
Moodymann, Terrence Parker, Theo Parrish, Karizma – Ministry Of Sound – London.

What was the last tune that was stuck in your head before this interview?
Richard Brooks, Tamika Boyce, Ali Black – Painless Ways (Richard Brooks Sax Mix) – Strobe

If you could have made any of the the records you have played which one would it be and why?
Nathan Adams – Sending you my love. The energy in the song is awesome and definitely would have enjoyed the trip to London.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure? – Don’t be shy ?
Old School Jazz. Miles Davis, etc.

If you could only listen to the same 5 records for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Meshell Ndegeocello – Soul Searchin’
Rachelle Ferrell feat Will Downing – Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This
Jill Scott – Until Then (I Imagine)
George Duke – Missing You
Elements Of Life – Love Will Know

Get up or Get Down?
Get Down

Too Hot or Too Cold?
Too Cold

Piano or Bassline?
Both. Insane combo

Yoda or Gandalf?

Facebook or Twitter?