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One Foot In The Chill
About the show

One Foot In The chill is a trip into the deeper side of 4/4 and beyond, a multi-genre trip into my record racks ranging from Jazz to Techno and Hip Hop to House. Blended to showcase a laid back, late night vibe.
The show has been running as a mix session under various guises for years. Now finally landing on D3ep I’m very happy to bring you these laid back sessions.
Hit reset and explore the beats. You'll be guaranteed to be entertained plus, you’ll hear more notes that your dog does!

About Me

As old as time itself, I'm a music fan first and foremost. I have been Involved in the scene for over twenty years as a DJ and a lot longer as a punter. From playing peak time big room sets to the more eclectic side rooms of clubs of old, I really found my niche in the bar scene, being let loose to create the atmosphere over the evening let me explore genres and themes, and helped me create the vibe over the course of the night. Something I try to do in the show.
I bring my love of just good music to the d3ep airwaves and I hope you'll enjoy what you hear from my take on the dance scene.

So lock on and let me take you on a spin. Get one foot or both feet in the chill. See you in the shoutbox. x