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Thu 7th Mar from 10pm
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One Foot In The Chill.
One Foot In The Chill, is a musical trip into the virtual space. From deep meditative moments of serenity to full blown virtual travels all accompanied by a whole host of deeper 4/4 House, Melodic Techno, and Ambient with an occasional curve ball thrown in.
Take a ride with me as I dive into my record racks and explore the beats.

The show, blended to showcase a laid back, late night vibe. has been running as a mix session under various guises for years, and now finally lands on D3ep.
Hit reset and explore the beats. You'll be guaranteed to be entertained plus, you’ll hear more notes that your dog does!

So lock on and let me take you on a spin. Get one foot or both feet in the chill. See you in the shout box.